July 28, 2016

From EWWW To A Simple Chew....

I remember loving to get puppy kisses all over my face as a child. It was an expression of love and affection from my four legged friend. Now, my dog Karma and I do not share in these displays of affection. Why? After working in a clinic for 16 years now, I cringe when I see dogs kissing their owners on the face and.... on their mouth! I wonder if they realize that not only can intestinal parasites be transferred this way, but bacteria from bad doggie teeth are floating around in the slobber that will soon coat their face and lips. 

For us humans, oral health care is started at a young age and basic recommendations are to brush our teeth twice daily, floss daily, and to visit our dentist every 6 months. For some of us, this is tedious, but for the most part I think most humans are able to tackle these minimal tasks. How many fellow dog owners brush your dog's teeth? I am guessing that none of you do daily, weekly, monthly, or at all, for that matter. As a result, their mouths are full of bacteria, which leads to plaque buildup and dental disease. When left untreated, this progresses and the bacteria that is floating around in their system can end up migrating to their vital organs causing damage.

Thankfully, there are products out there to help out those of us, including myself, who do not brush our dog's teeth everyday. OraVet Chews are the newest addition to our lineup of pet oral health care items. Specially formulated, these chews can block bacteria, prevent plaque and calculus, and freshen breath. These are available at our clinic by the chew at our front desk, or in a package of 14. So far, the cleints that have tried them out on their dogs really like them. I offered one of these to Karma and at first she wasn't so sure about it, but after playing with it for a while she decided it was ok to consume.  If a chew a day can prevent having an extensive dental surgery in the future, it is well worth it. When it comes to our dog's oral care, prevention is the key!

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-Written by Mitzi Berkland