Cedar Creek Animal Clinic

For our large animal clients, we carry a variety of supplies for cattle, horses, sheep, llamas, alpacas, goats and hogs. We provide services in our separate barn area. This facility has an extensive cattle working facility with drive through loading and unloading area; holding pens; and hospital pens for animals. Our veterinarians also make farm calls. 

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We have separate boarding facilities for dogs and cats. Our boarding kennels for dogs have rubberized floors with in floor heat, windows for natural lighting and a fenced walking and play area with 3 individual backyard-sized runs for extra exercise time. Our boarding facility for cats has a window for natural lighting and a view of the countryside. Our cat condos each have a perch and cubby hole. For long stays, one of our exam rooms can be converted into a deluxe cat boarding suite. 

Reproduction Management
Including Breeding Soundess Exams
Pregnancy Detection by Ultrasound
Obstetrical Emergency Care
Neonatal Care

We are here for all of your animal health care needs.

Our state of the art small animal facility houses three exam rooms; a surgery suite; a dental surgery suite with digital dental radiography; two recovery rooms; a radiology room with digitial radiology; and in house lab services for bloodwork, urinalysis and fecal tests. 

Digital Radiography
Allergy Testing and Treatment
Nutritional Counseling
Behavior Counseling
Cremation Services

Hoof Care
Coggins Testing
Necropsy (autopsy)

Complete Physical Examinations
Vaccinations and Deworming
Puppy and Kitten Wellness Programs
Senior Wellness Programs
Canine Artificial Insemination
Pregnancy Diagnosis
Puppy Tail Docking and Dewclaw

In our grooming area we give baths, trim toenails, give "Furminator" treatments, and do shave downs and basic grooming. 

John Holcomb established Cedar Creek Animal Clinic in January of 2008. The practice has been founded upon his high standards of veterinary medicine that are used to provide the highest quality health care for animals in the area. Our animal health care team is made up of unique individuals who each have their own areas of expertise with animals but share a common love for them.

Herd Vaccination Programs
Treatment and Prevention of Internal and External Parasites
Examinations for Health Papers
Freeze Branding

At Cedar Creek Animal Clinic we are here for you when you need us
with 24 hour emergency care.

Just give us a call at 515-462-3200.

We look forward to serving all of your animal health care needs!

In-House Blood Screening
Dental Surgery with Digital Radiography
Spay, Neuter and Declaw Surgery 
Other Elective Surgeries
Soft Tissue Surgery
Fracture Repair